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About The Human Foot
Your feet, although not glamorous, are a wonder of natural engineering. There are 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles and over 100 ligaments in each foot, all designed to interact with one another to provide you with the ability to walk (or run) over 115,000 miles during your lifetime.

Unfortunately, today's lifestyles often place excessive or unusual demands on your feet. Today's shoe gear, athletic activities and working conditions of then aggravate certain conditions and make what should be normal, painless activity an ordered to be faced on a daily basis. The results of these excessive demands mean that four out of five adults will at some time complain of foot health problems. In order to stay mobile, professional care of your feet is a true necessity.

The Maligned Florida Foot
No, Floridians are not born with different feet than other Americans. But our feet do have a different environment to survive in. Most homes and buildings are slab built with lots of tile. These are very hard surfaces, even when covered with carpeting. Our warm, moist climate encourages growth of infection and yes, if it moves it bites and if it bites it is poisonous. So insect and critter bites as well as exposure to toxic plants are a common problem, as is exposure to the chemicals we use to control these hazards.

Combine these unique problems with our tendency to be barefooted and you get the Maligned Florida Foot!

Heel Pain Center of Excellence

It has been said, “Time Wounds All Heels!”  This is almost true.  Heel pain is the #1 reason for patients to visit a podiatry office.  Knowing this, we set up our “Center of Excellence” to specialize in treatment for heel pain patients.
We are well versed in traditional heel pain treatments, but for patients that have failed with that we have several newer techniques

  • Laser : has recently been used to treat inflammation.  The class IV laser can penetrate deep into the soft tissue as a completely non-invasive and painless procedure to jump start the body’s own healing response.  The mechanism by which the laser works draws water, oxygen, nutrients and new blood flow to the affected area to begin the natural repair process of the damaged tissue.

    FDA cleared, laser therapy is now being used by some professional sports teams to help athletes heal a variety of muscular and join injuries.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): treatment has been around for quite a while, however recent improvements in the activator solutions has captured it into the mainstream of treatment for musculoskeletal injuries. Tiger Woods and Pittsburg Steeler Hines Ward are among many professional athletes that have used the treatment successfully according to Scientific American  Basically, Platelets (which are involved in initiating and accelerating the body’s own natural healing process) are isolated from the patient blood, activated and place tight at the source of the injury.  This usually takes only one treatment.


  • Extracorporeal shock therapy (ESWT): was initially applied in urology to break up kidney stones.  It has now been found to treat Tendinopathies and Fasciitis of the heel. The original ESWT units were large and aggressive.  They required an outpatient surgery center where sedation and/or general anesthesia could be performed.  The new FDA cleared radial wave EWST reduces the excessive Intensity of the treatment and replaces that with an increased number of shock waves.  Shockwaves are sound waves, not electrical.

    According to ‘The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons’, “ESWT mat be considered as a therapeutic option for the patient shoes heel pain has not resolved with conservative treatment.  Because there is no incision, ESWT offers two main advances over traditional surgical methods: Fewer potential complications and a faster return to normal activates.”

    Dr. Weaver is the only radial Wave Therapy unit in this area.
  • Microincisional Surgery: for plantar fasciitis.  We have had patients come in as far away as Texas for this treatment.  If you have had conservative treatment fail and you are considering surgical intervention, this may be you nest option. It is magnificent in its simplicity.  It’s advantages over our traditional surgeries are that there is very little pain (almost none), very little disability (almost none) and a very little incision (almost none).  This decreases the risk of complications, the fear factor, and the inconvenience to the patient.  The great advantage is that it can be done in the office with local anesthesia.  This, it eliminates the risk and anesthesia and saves thousands of dollars in suite expenses.

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